noviembre 30, 2010

Your secret fears are killing me...

We try take possession of everything around us, to take possession, yes, to gain control of everything in order to feel secure facing a world in constant changing. There are people who, in that eagerness, get to desire immaterial things of questionable importance.
Even more, we get to expect to take possession of so pure feelings like love; and what we don't still know is that love is free, that no one can make use of it in order to lock it up in a cage for life; because that is the way it is not love anymore, it alienates completely.

I confess I felt that insecurity yesterday, even more, I confess I'm feeling it today and I confess I have been feeling it since I met you. Because of you, because of me, who knows? I only know it really scares me just thinking about those plans just because, before I could see them coming true, it could be possible that you decide to be off and leave me alone exposed to them.

I know what I want and I know how it has to be, and that all could be simplified in this: I want you, just how you are, the concept of perfection which I have always yearn to in my life is you.

And however...
What useful could be what I want for me if I feel this may crumble in every very moment?

I don't want to suffer.
I don't want to lose you in any way.
I don't want to stop living this wonderful experience whose end I hope I'll never see.

I don't care about since how little we have been together; I only know today, and since I met you, that I want you to be with me, not only in all of my hangovers but in all of the moments of my life.

So I thought we were like this:

But actually we are like this:

Just leave the door opened.
You've opened the door now, don't let it close...

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