diciembre 16, 2010

Even if the world...

I am here, I have not left, and I will not.
The World will change, go round with no cessation, but I will still be here for you.
Because no matter how the world will change, I will never let you fall.

Normal people will not be saved. None of them is prepared for what we have in our hearts.
I like what we are when we are together. I like what we do when we are together.
I like what we are building step by step...

Because if the world would go out, we would always shine beyond the ruins of those cardboard beings.

==> Good enough

2 comentarios:

  1. This entry is like these others what you'd liked to post in esflog under that 'lum' nick. It's like you have come back in time, gorgeus and falling in love over and over again. I want to see you, bitch.