marzo 13, 2011


I think... this is getting better eventually. I see things in a more realistic way, so it doesn't hurt so much. I like that on the way that I'm growing, but not in the way I'm losing hope more and more. That really scares me. Not having my heart open when it comes.

The thing is... I don't see that moment so close. You see? I'm losing hope...

Well, yesterday night I had two tasks:
*Not falling in his arms.
*Being self-confident.


I got both! And I ignored even the rest of them, and I came back home being sober, so I'm really proud of me.
And the pity thing? Nights are eventually shorter... Now I have to wait until Saturday night arrives again... And meanwhile I have to study a lot...

Well!! I'll survive! I promise!

This is my moment, of course it is, and I'm going to take the most of it!

If you are there, please, let me know...

PS: I love you, Minga  =P

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